Wooden Fence Maintenance

There are a number of reasons why fences are important in your property, which includes added safety, privacy, as well as security for your children and pets. Wooden fences are the most popular fence installed in America because they are inexpensive and easy to install. You can also have a staining or fence painting Houston, Texas to better match the exterior of your home.

Of course, we want our wooden fence to last for a long time, and we can achieve this through proper care and maintenance. Here are some wooden fence maintenance tips that are sure to prolong the life of your fences:

Repair and Inspect Regularly

One of the best ways to ensure that your fences live longer is to constantly check for any damages. If you spot something odd or something broken in your wood, be sure to call for fence repair immediately. There are also some damages that you could easily fix, such as loose screws or scratches on the wood.

However, be sure to call the professionals if the fencing damage is too difficult for you to repair, since they are equipped with the proper tools for handling wooden fences. That way, the damage could be fixed before it could worsen.

Check for Damages and Inspect Decay

Wood fences are prone to rotting and insects, specifically termites and ants, which could easily damage the fence. If you own a garden in your yard, then expect a larger population of these insects to threaten the integrity of your fence. Fence staining companies offer fence seal or coats that would repel these insects, and there are also special types of wood fence stains that are effective against ants and termites. Not only that, but the moisture from plants could also weaken your fences over time.

Clean the Fence Every 3 Years

A good cleaning with some soap and water is recommended at least once a year to your fences, but a power wash clean every 3-5 years could go a long way. If you don’t have a power wash cleaner with you at home, you can hire a local fence company to help clean your fence. Moreover, they can also offer you special coatings that makes your fences stronger and resistant against damage. Stained wooden fences also get dirtier less often than normal wood fences.

Repaint or Restain Your Fences

Your wood fence stains can wear off as the years go by, so you should include this in your budget as well. There are many companies available that offer fence staining in Houston, so be sure to look them up. It’s important that you repaint or restain your fences from time to time to make sure that they are in pristine condition. Moreover, the stain for wood fence adds a different look to your fence, which can be changed to match the exterior of your house.

Consider Buying a New Wooden Fence

Lastly, if you think that your fence is broken beyond repair, consider buying a new one. Since constant repair can be too expensive if the damage is big, you could save more money by buying a new one instead. If you don’t want to use wood fences anymore, you can also research about the other types of fences available, and choose the one the best suites your taste.

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