Stain for Wood Fence

Why Should I Do Fence Staining?

Wood fences are popular throughout America due to their simple design and cheap upfront cost. To make their wooden fences last longer, many are having their fences painted or stained. There are also many companies that offer fence staining Houston Texas, and you can call your local fence company for wood fence stains.

But why stain your fence?

Well, here are some of the reasons why you should have a stain for wood fence:

Fence Stains Keep the Natural Look of the Wood

The color of paint on wood is more solid, which gives the wood almost an entirely new look. If you want to opt for a more natural finish on your wood fence, then you should consider having a stain for fence. Applying a fence stain also gives your fence a more rustic or warmer look that cannot be easily achieved through paint. The wood grains can also be seen more visibly with a stain wood fence.

Requires Less Effort

Painting a fence requires more preparation than staining, which includes sanding, smoothing, and applying a primer. However, a stained fence requires less preparation, thus reducing the effort needed for your fence. If you’re hiring professionals for your Houston fence staining, your labor and material cost will be less, thus saving you more. Moreover, hiring experts also reduces the risk of damaging your fences, especially if they are old.

Stains are Easier to Reapply than Paint

When the paint has already worn out, you need to do more steps before reapplying the new coat of paint, and this includes sanding the old paint, applying a new primer, then applying the actual paint. However, with stained wooden fences, you only need to apply the stain again after every few years. They are easier to do, and you can even do it by yourself! Some types of fence stains can also dry quickly, so be sure to hire professionals if you don’t know how to apply it yourself.

Lasts Longer than Paint

As mentioned above, wood fence stains do not chip or flake, so they can last longer than paint. This means that they need to be reapplied less often. Although wood fence stains require a bit more upfront cost than paint, this will actually save you more in the long run because they require to be reapplied less often. If you’re not sure how to reapply these fence stains yourself, you can ask the professionals to help you, such as those that offer fence staining in Houston.

Requires Less Maintenance

Lastly, wood fence stains require less maintenance since they need to be reapplied less often than paint. Moreover, stained fences only need a power washer from time to time as its maintenance. While paint requires you to scrape and peel off the old paint before applying the new one, a fence stain will only fade away as time goes by. A simple wash could clean your fence and prepare it for its new coat. Hiring professionals for your regular wood fence maintenance already goes a long way!

Wood Fence Stains

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