8 Benefits of Wood Fence Staining

Fences are important for your property because they provide safety, security, privacy, and even contribute to the overall design of your house. The most common type installed in America are wooden fences, which have a low installation cost and comes with many different designs. These fences can be painted or stained to make them last longer, and there are several companies that offer fence staining in Houston.

If you have a wooden fence installed in your home and want to know the different fence staining types available, scroll down to read more:

Wood Preservatives

Wood preservatives are another name for toners, and it gives the wood an added color and protection. There are different pigments available for wood preservatives, as well as a clear one if you want to retain the natural color of your wood. Compared to the other types of wood fence stains, this one is easier to apply, needing only one coat, and they do not flake over time. For longer lifespan, you must do regular wood fence maintenance.

However, wood preservatives or toners don’t last as long as the other wood stain for fence, and need to be reapplied more often. Most of these toners only last 2-4 years, while clear wood preservatives last even shorter. Moreover, clear toners are not really recommended for fences under direct sunlight since they have little UV protection.

Solid Fence and Deck Stains

Solid wood fence stains are almost similar to painting your wooden fence since they offer a solid coat of color on the wood. This means that this type of stain for wood fence is recommended if your fence is already old. They can hide any cracks or discolorations, and they offer the most protection for your fence.

As impressive as this may be, solid stained wooden fences tend to flake and chip as time goes by, leading to expensive labor and repairs in the future. Moreover, solid stains tend to display dust and dirt more visibly, so you should consider this first before getting a fence staining in Houston.

Semi-transparent Fence Stains

If you want a stained fence that is more transparent than a solid stain but offers more protection than a toner, then semi-transparent fence stains are for you! They come in different colors to change the pigment of your fence, but not too solid that you can still see the wood grains. Some brands are ideal for fences that get damp, and you can apply this wood stain for fence on the same day that you power washed it.

However, since the stain is quick to dry, it’s difficult to achieve an even coating for your wooden fence. Moreover, this type of stain is not recommended for fences that are older than 15 years old, since the coating will look blotchy instead. Your Houston fence staining company may ask you this before they apply it on your fence.

Semi-old Fence Stains

A semi-solid stain is closer to a solid stain than a toner, showing some of the wood grain but keeping the coat solid enough to provide wood protection Houston. If you apply more than one coat of semi-solid stains, your fences can last even longer. Unlike solid stains, they also won’t peel while still retaining the UV protection.

One of the disadvantages of semi-solid fence stains is that too much applications can end up resembling a solid stain on your wood fence. Moreover, this fence stain requires the fence to be dry, and could end up damaging the fence even more if it is too damp.

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