A Crash Course on Staining Wooden Fences

I don’t think there’s any wonder about the importance of fences in one’s property. That line of wooden pickets is what separates your small plot of the world from the rest of it. Fences protect your land, protect your home, and protect you. That being said, there are a number of everyday things that really test your fence. Left on its own, your fence won’t last long out there. This is where staining comes in—THE greatest way to ensure a long-lasting wooden fence.

1. Check If Your Fence Still Standing Strong

Everybody wants to have a long-lasting fence, but what’s the point of reinforcing for longevity and durability if your lumber is already old and rotting? Before you do anything, make sure your fence is still holding up. Check along the perimeter for damages. If there are any parts that requires fixing or replacing, do it. Regular maintenance is crucial for a healthy wooden fence. This is just a part to determine on how to stain a wooden fence.

2. Clean-up Time

Cleanliness is also a big factor that makes fences healthy. Before we begin staining, clean your fence first. Scrape off any dirt or hardened mud that’s found its way on the pickets. If the wood is infected with mold, you might want to spray some strong detergent on the infected spots to keep the mold at bay. You can also use wood cleaner—if you do, apply evenly throughout the surface.

3. And Now We Stain

Once you’ve made sure that your fence line is clean and strong, it’s time to begin staining! You’ll need a brush, but a roller or spray works fine as well. Next you’ll need wood stain—the stuff you’re gonna’ be applying evenly to your fences. Now begin spreading the wood stain, careful not to apply too much to one area, and too thin to another. If this does happen, you should be able to use a roller to even out the blotches. Do this until the entire fence perimeter is stained.

4. Watching Stain Dry

After you’re finished with step 3, nature pretty much has the rest. Do your best not to interfere any further. The most you’re gonna’ be doing from here on out is keeping an eye on your fence to make sure it stains properly. Other than that, you can sit back and relax. Let your fence rest up. The sweet spot is around 3 days, but depending on the humidity of your area, it could be more or less. 

5. Repeat Step 1 and 2

Step 5—the final step—is all about repetitions. Now that you’re done staining, you have to do routine maintenance. Check on your fence every so often, clean at least once a month, and your fence should be golden for a very long time. Take good care of your fence and it will take care of you, Houston. How to stain a wooden fence is just easy for you now, right?

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