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Fences add security, safety, and privacy to your property, and wooden fences are the most popular for American households. They come in many colors and designs, which add a rustic and welcoming look to your house. When it comes to coating your fence, you should opt for having a fence stain, and many companies offer fence staining in Houston. You must learn more about Wood Protection Houston.

Here are 8 benefits of wood fence staining that should convince you to have wood fence stains as well:

Low Maintenance Cost

Although a stain wood fence has a higher upfront cost than paint, they require less in maintenance and repairs, saving you more money in the long run. When paint becomes old, the colors tend to flake or chip, and sanding the wood is a bit more expensive that having a professional power washed your stained fence from time to time.

Protects the Wood

Wood fences are prone to insects, which damage the overall durability of your wood fences. For wood protection Houston, there are special types of wood fence stains that repel pests like ants and termites. However, if you notice your wood fences showing signs of infestation, be sure to call the local pest company before having your fence repaired.

Keeps the Natural Look of the Wood

Painted wood fences almost give the fence an entirely new look, especially since the paint coat is more solid than a wood stain for fence. This means that if you want to keep the natural look and keep the wood grains visible, then fence staining Houston is the one for you.

Lasts Longer than Paint

Paint tend to flake as time goes by, and this happens faster than a stained fence fades in color. This means that over a span of several years, you are reapplying your paint more often than you do with a stained fence. In other words, you can also save more money in the long run with fence stains rather than a painted wooden fence.

Requires Less Work

Maintenance and repair of a stained fence is easier than with a revamp Houston fence. After all, you only need to power wash it from time to time, and this can easily be done through the help of professionals that offer Houston fence and deck staining. 

Comes in Many Different Colors

While fence stains keep the natural look of your wood, they also come in a variety of shades to better match the exterior of your house. These colors are not too solid to cover the wood grains, but are pigmented enough to change the shade of your wooden fence. You can even change color every time you reapply for a new coat.

Prevents in Rotting

Compared to a fence without a stain, stained wooden fences last longer because they have a layer of protection against the elements. This means that they won’t easily rot, and thus prolonging the life of your wooden fence.

UV Protection

Lastly, the color of your wooden fence tends to fade away if they are constantly exposed to sunlight. With a stain for fence, you can prevent the natural color of the wood from fading away quickly, thus making it look more natural for a longer period of time.

Stain for Wood Fence

It is important to know the best stain for your wood fence as it can directly affect your fence’s lifespan and durability, plus the quality of beauty it can give to you (well, that’s just a bonus part). It is also a must to select professional fence staining company to do the stain for wood fence at you property. 

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