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Attention to all fence owners in Katy Texas!

If you finally decide to have something to do about your fences – whether it’s fixing up the planks surrounding your homes or installing chain-link fences to protect your commercial properties – then you might want to consider hiring a fencing service instead of going the DIY route. Better to leave it to the pros instead of keeping wooden fences chipped, weathered-down and lifeless.

Now, let’s say you’ve been searching for the right “fence company near me”, one that will not only do the job and accommodate your needs, but is also quick, efficient, and give you more guaranteed satisfaction than what you’d expect. And of course, it should be able to serve you and many others based in Katy, Texas. In other words (and totally not impossible): the best fence company in Katy TX. Still having a hard time deciding who to rely on?

Here’s the part where The Plethora Project comes in, the leading fence repair and installation professionals in Texas, putting a stop to your fence-related problems and now bringing our quality fence services anytime, and anywhere in the Katy area and other surrounding cities.

So, if you really want to go for a first-rate experience, with all the good deals and reputable name, and adding a long-term value on your homes and properties without hassle and your pockets burning – The Plethora Project is the right number to call.

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Who are We?

For years in the works, The Plethora Project is one of the top fence repair and installation company in Katy, Texas that deals with all types of fences and have worked with hundreds of residential and commercial fence owners throughout their service in the Katy community. Along with our passionate and experienced team and our professional approach to our valued projects, we strive to bring customer satisfaction and entirely new, well-repaired and sturdy fences in every call.

In case you want to hear more, let us give you a quick rundown.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to face the reality that your fences aren’t invincible and needs a good maintenance. Wooden fences chip and weather away, while metal ones rust and degrade, on top of exposure to outside elements and pollutants; there’s really no escaping those headaches.

Or maybe you want a brand-new fence installation to add protection around your homes and your other properties? Perhaps you just feel like making your fence look good? Either way, these are most likely what you’re here for.

The solution? Us at The Plethora Project fence company.

Especially our quality fence services in Katy TX. You can call us to fix parts of your fence, for fence cleaning and staining, maintenance, building your desired fence from scratch – everything that has to do with fences.

Our goal is to simply renovate and maintain every of our clients’ fences to give their needed privacy, protection, home value, and probably even the aesthetic that they’d want to go for, through our quality workmanship and dedicated teams. We would like to be of help for everyone searching for “wood fence repair near me”, “fence installation katy tx”, and your other fence service requests. To make things short – we want to help you.

There’s a reason why we’re called The Plethora Project – and the diversity of our offered services and portfolios say it all.

Reliable Fence Services in Katy TX

Because of our knowledgeable and fully equipped experts and A-grade equipment, The Plethora Project is able to provide all kinds of fence services across Katy Texas, from simple fence section repairs to full fence replacements of any kind – wood, metal, chain-link, wrought-iron, bamboo – you name it. We also accommodate any residential or commercial fence installations, so if you’re in need of any of those, we got your back.

Fence Repair Service Katy TX

One of our in-demand services that our clients usually call us for, The Plethora Project provides quality workmanship when it comes to repairing broken planks, moldy sections, chipped surfaces, rusted parts, or any fence-related issues bothering you at the moment. Whether its fixing and smoothing up a couple parts or wrought iron fence repairs, we’ll consistently deliver the request as quick and efficiently as possible.

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Wood Fence Staining and Restoration

Adding another layer of protection to your fences is a good investment and can make them last longer and look better – which means not constantly checking up on your fences every month and more peace of mind. You can call us for the best fence staining services on your wooden fences too, while replacing any broken and run-down planks. Rest assured that our equipment and products are safe and tested on every type of fence surface. We’ll cover up the bothersome flaws for a better look and a better value on your property.

Katy Fence Installation

There are plenty of perks of installing fences at your homes or at any building. So if you suddenly decide on putting fences around your property, you don’t need to think too much about building them from scratch – we provide top tier fence replacement or installation in Katy, Texas for everyone who wants to start anew and give your properties the fresh overall look that it deserves. You can choose from a variety of type of fences, and we’ll set them up at whatever area you want them to be (and ask us for recommendations).

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Fence Maintenance

Regularly caring for your fences may be one of the most underrated things to do, but we all know how important it is in the long run. If you’re one of those owners who’d like to handle things ASAP, then our emergency fence repair services are here to back you up. When you think that your wooden fences are starting to weather away, or has any unnecessary chippings and loose nails, then you can call us anytime and save yourself from trouble in the future.

Fence Staining Houston
How to stain a wooden fence

Why The Plethora Project as your #1 fence company in Katy Texas?

Professional and expert teams

Choosing a company with the best group of experts that are capable of handling any problem with ease and professionalism is totally the right choice to make. They’re on the frontlines of your needed Katy fence repair, after all. And nobody fits the description better than The Plethora Project’s team. Aside from our excellent workmanship brought by training and experience, we are a team that is dedicated only in giving you excellent fence services for your benefit.

Safe equipment and techniques

Regardless of what type of fences you own, we constantly research the safest and most desirable tools and products that we will be using in our projects to offer the most value and keeping your properties safe. We usually stock up on topnotch fence parts, planks, stains, and other materials so they can always be available for our customers. Lastly, we never leave out details whenever we work on your fences and proceed with the job honestly.

Experienced for years

It’s always a good sign to know that the fence company you will be working with has handled tons of other works before you, like The Plethora Project! Throughout the years of our service, we’ve accumulated a rich portfolio and experienced almost every kind of fence problem there is. Metal fence repair? Wooden fence staining? Fence cleaning? We’re sure to handle yours with no hassle!

Quick 24/7 Fence Company in Katy

We know you just want to appreciate your fences as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure to do the job as quick as you want! The moment you make the call and book an appointment, our team will swiftly assess and plan out everything before arriving on-the-dot wherever you are in Katy, Texas. You’ll have the kind of fence in your dreams before you know it.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

It’s no wonder that hundreds have decided to trust their fence repair and replacement service in our hands. Our priority is you and your fences, and the quality results shows in our testimonies, ratings, and reviews from all kinds of clients, big or small. We consistently improve all aspects of our fence company one step ahead of the competition to best serve our clients at the highest caliber and at your standard – team, equipment, technique, and customer service.

Contact The Plethora Project now for your fence company in Katy, Texas

As long as you’re anywhere in Katy, Texas, residential fence owner, planning to set up commercial fences, then our phone lines are open for you to call. Once you’re able to tell us what you need and book a schedule, then we guarantee that it’s all smooth sailing from there. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get added to the list of clients that had been hugely satisfied and with our work, and also a chance to grab many of our great deals. Besides, what’s important is that you work with a reliable group of pros that care about you and repairing, restoring, cleaning, and staining your fences – things that The Plethora Project can surely provide by just whipping out your phone today.

Fence Staining Houston
Fence Staining Houston TX
Wood Protection Houston

Types of Stains for Your Deck

There are four common types of stains on decks, and each one varies depending on what purpose you want the painting  to serve. If you’re still not sure about what type of stain to choose for your deck, read below to see the comparisons between each one:

Wood Preservatives

These are also called toners, and they are the transparent stain that serves more as a coating for your deck rather than coloring this. This is perfect if you want to retain the original color of the lumber but also protect it from the elements. However, toners don’t last as long as the other stains, and it does not offer a lot of UV protection, so it’s not recommended if your deck is exposed to the sun all day long.

Semi-Transparent Deck Stains

If you want a stained deck that is more transparent than a solid stain but offers more protection than a toner, then semi-transparent fence stains are for you! They come in different colors to change the pigment of your deck, but not too solid that you can still see the wood grains. Some brands are ideal for decks that get damp, and you can apply this hardwood stain for deck on the same day that you power washed it. However, since the stain is quick to dry, it’s difficult to achieve an even coating for your deck.

Semi-Solid Deck Stains

A semi-solid stain is closer to a solid stain than a toner, showing some of the wood grain but keeping the coat solid enough to provide protection. If you apply more than one coat of semi-solid stains, your deck can last even longer. Unlike solid stains, they also won’t peel while still retaining the UV protection.

Solid Deck Stains

Solid wood stains are almost similar to painting your deck since they offer a solid coat of color on the wood. This means that this type of stain is recommended if your deck is already old. They can hide any cracks or discolorations, and they offer the most protection for the wood. However, as impressive as this may be, solid stained wooden decks tend to flake and chip as time goes by, leading to expensive labor and repairs in the future.

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about the Plethora Project’s deck staining Houston services, you can call us at (713) 422-2636 or contact us through our email for more inquiries. Also, you can head over to our website at to check our other services.