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Find the best service needed by your fence. Whether its repairing, maintenance or installation, we got it here for you. The Plethora Project Fence Staining is the leading fence staining company in Houston, Texas. For affordable price and quality fence service, you can now avail the stain for fence that you deserve.

9 Types of Fence We Can Handle For You

There are some fences that lost longer than the others, like the oldest stained fence found in New York which was built in 1771 and the Great Wall of China that is standing up for more than 300 years. New built fences doesn’t have to last that long but your fences should stand for at least 18 years or more. 

There are so many types of fences and maybe you are wondering which is the best fence for your property. In order to aid you choosing the ideal fence for you, we gathered the nine types of fence that might be suitable for your home. So, what are you waiting for, get your Houston fence staining now!

1. Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is easy to install and doesn’t require much maintenance unlike the other. You can also paint this kind of fence as much as you like but its not a fence that provides security for your property. Aluminum fence has this wrought iron look, simple and elegant that adds beautiful and aesthetic lines to your landscaping project. Sometimes they say that this fence serves as a garden border fence.

2. Bamboo Fence

Adds a bit privacy and security to your property. Bamboo fence are eco-friendly and beautiful fence. This is also easy to install. For a unique design, you can use bamboo cane and rolled bamboo.

3. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are inexpensive, durable and low-maintenance option when choosing a fence suitable for your property. Add a bit of privacy fence stain and can be use to outline your property. You can grow your favorite vines or shrubs alongside to add beauty and elegance.

4. Eco-Stone Fence

Are you looking fr a gorgeous, sturdy, and eco-friendly type of fence for your property? Well, it looks like you need an eco-stone fence! This type of fence is much less expensive than the precast stone, plus eco-stone fence are easy to install too. If you want to have this type of fence, call us now!

5. Farm Fence

Fence for your horses, cows and goats? Hey, maybe you need a farm fence! We include farm fence in our fence services because many of the farm owners are badly need this kind of fence. It would look great at your property since this adds a fresh look to your landscaping. Inexpensive to put up and easy to maintain. But, since this is a wood, it may need some replacing every eight years or so.

6. PVC White-Picket Fence

This has the cheapest of all fence materials. Designed to look like wood pickets and posts that can greatly add beauty for your property. Ideal for privacy but not that great for security. This type of fence can stand for long time and can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature.

7. Wood Fence

Great for privacy, security and looks. This is the most common and the most popular fence in the whole Texas. Homeowners can do many designs and looks with this fence and it is affordable too. But, wood fences may require you a number of maintenance. They need to be stained, sealed or painted in order to last long.

8. Vinyl White-Picket Fence

This is much sturdier than the PVC White-Picket Fence but also more expensive to install. Once up, it can last for a long time plus this is easy to clean. Paint doesn’t even stick to this fence. This fence is goof for privacy and security. Need this kind of fence? Worry no more as we included this type of fence in our fence services!

9. Wrought Iron Fence

Last, but not the least is the wrought iron fence. This is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep (since one requirement is the scheduled sanding for rust and painting it every year to keep it looking nice and new). This kind of fence is sturdy but this is see-through so you can get a bit of security but not much privacy for this fence.

If you are still hesitant or confused on what fence to choose, don’t worry! Once you call us, we will gladly help you choose the fence ideal for you property. Get our fence staining selection service for free. No hidden charges!

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