Fence Staining Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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Fence staining is fairly easy—if you know what you’re doing. As much as you envisioned it to be just painting the fence yourself, on an idyllic, sunny day with the breeze flowing calmly… I’m afraid I have to shatter your daydreams. 

There’s a lot more to fence staining than just brushing the brush, you know? A lot of work goes into prep and maintenance. Suddenly getting the idea to buy any stain from the market and just proceeding to do it spells Disaster, with a capital D.

We’ll tell you how to stain your fence— the right way.

Not Hiring A Professional

Not to toot our own horn, but we know what we’re doing. We’re fully aware that homeowners are more than capable of doing it themselves. But, we can guarantee quality work that can last your fence years!

There’s virtually no chance of Disaster, with a capital D. Fence staining Houston, or anywhere you may be— the Plethora Project is the right company to call for all your fence’s needs.

Little to No Prep Work

Prep work is just as important as staining itself. Without making the necessary repairs before staining, consider it already (badly) done. It’s pretty much the basis of every fence staining ever— but if you got us, you don’t need to worry. 

It’s already a given for us. Trimming the grass, removing the mold, cleaning— the whole nine yards. And we’ll make sure we get it right the first time.

Time Frame: Visualize it

There is an ideal time to stain the fence, usually a week after construction. If not, then prep work is a must. Staining is also recommended during 50° Fahrenheit and up.

The Stain we Want, The Stain we Need

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a stain. Water or oil-based, and how to apply it. Don’t worry, though.

We know what best for you and your fence. Call Plethora Project for your Fence staining, Houston! (713) 422-2636.

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