Wood Fence: To-Do List

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wood fence to-do list

Had your wooden fence up and ready? Have The Plethora Project’s To-Do List to keep your fence in tip-top shape on a regular basis.

☐ Clean your fence

Cleaning your fence will always be a preventative and prolonging measure. Use a hose to spray water all over your fence and remove surface dirt. Cleaners and brighteners are good for prepping your fence.

After every cleaning, it is essential to re-apply sealants or repellents.

☐ Use sealants

Sealants and water-repellents will seep out moisture from the wood that multi-coat paints or varnish won’t accomplish. Apply sealants and repellents after washing your fence and it looks like it has dried already.

Cover or move plants when applying sealants unto your fence.

☐ Lubricate

The gates are also part of your fence so don’t forget to lubricate the metal hinges and joints to prevent creaking and rusting. Choose the appropriate chain lubricants for your metals.

☐ Prevent discoloration

Cleaning wooden fences with bleach will hasten a wooden fence’s discoloration process. Sealants with added features like UV stabilizers are pivotal in preventing wood discoloration in your fence.

When applying these chemicals, again, cover or remove plants.

☐ Invest in staining

Staining your wooden fence is one solution to old or discolored fences. Staining doesn’t only contribute to aesthetics but it also slows down the build up of mildew. Call The Plethora Project for professional fence staining services near you.

☐ Invest in pressure washing

Power washing your fence will definitely remove all the stubborn dirt, grime and mildew that you can’t otherwise remove with manual hand scrubbing. Before availing professional services or doing it yourself, make sure to research first on nozzles, water pressure and other related equipment.

Doing so can revitalize your fence.

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