Top Types Of Wood For Building A Fence

types of wood for fence

Hey guys the saying goes, “Good fences make great neighbors.” Today, let’s talk about the common types of woods used in fences with The Boss.


The most common wood used is cedar and for good reason. It’s very weather resistant and it looks great too. Now one thing to point out is there are several types of cedar.

Western Red Cedar

The most common is going to be western red cedar. It’s going to have a deep rich color and full of oils that make it weather and bug resistant. Western red cedar is grown primarily on the west coast of North America, in both the United States and Canada. Since it’s so close to the coast, it gives a whole lot of water and that’s what gives it its rich tone.

Inland Cedar

Inland cedar and western red are very similar in terms of the species itself. It’s just that inland cedar is, exactly, that it has grown more inland from the coast. You don’t get that rich red tone that you get from western red and not as many oils that make it as weather and bug resistant now.

Imported Cedar

Another product that’s really come on strong in the marketplace is imported cedar. It is very close to inland cedar in terms of its characteristics but one cool thing about import cedar is it’s kiln dried. The nice thing about that means it’s very stable and it’s ready to take stain as soon as you put it up. Whenever you put up a fence and you’re going to stain it, you need to let it sit up for a few days to let the moisture get out of it before you put a stain on it. Now one thing to point out, with all the woods that we’re going to talk about, it’s a good idea to use a professional oil-based stain to finish your fence soon after you install it. This will ensure years of service.

Spruce Pine Fir

The next type of wood that’s commonly found is going to be referred to as SPF, also known as spruce pine fir. The white woods will also fit into this category and these are all a group of trees that are found from the western part of the United States. Kinda like western red cedar but it’s closer to the pine family but out west. SPF is a great wood because of its stability, but it’s a little bit softer compared to cedar or pine and it is more prone to weather and rot if it’s not treated with a good oil based stain.

Southern Yellow Pine

The final type of wood we’re going to talk about is southern yellow pine which is found in the southeast regions of the

United States. It’s widely used in construction and it’s very durable, however, it is prone to warping especially whenever cut down to a fence picket. Usually, you’ll find southern yellow pine pressure-treated and while the pressure treating does give it a lot of weather resistance.

It’s not the most attractive type of fence, pressure treating on southern yellow pine – we don’t like to necessarily use southern yellow pine for fence pickets,however pressure-treated two-by-fours make a excellent back or rail for your fence.

You can see there are several options when it comes to wooden fencing. Some better than others but one thing’s for sure, regardless of the type of wood that you pick, you definitely want to stain your fence with a professional oil-based stain. Contact The Plethora project for all your fence staining needs. Soon after it’s been installed and stained, this will ensure years of service and beauty.

The Details of Wood Fence Types

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