Avoid These Mistakes When Building A Fence

mistakes in building fences

Planning to build a fence? Read on this blog to learn about the top five mistakes you might make when building your next fence.

What is up everybody, Joe Everest the fence expert. There’s more than one way to build a fence, I’m here to share with you our way.

Not getting underground utilities located

The first mistake could be your most expensive mistake or worse. It’s not getting the underground utilities located. You’d be surprised how many utilities are actually buried underground around your house and the penalties could range from thousands of dollars to replace the damaged utility or bodily injury or death, if you hit a buried electric line. Do yourself and your checkbook a favor, get your underground utilities located before building your next fence.

Not getting the fence post buried deep enough

The next mistake I see happen all too often is not getting your fence post buried deep enough. Here in the Midwest, we set our posts at 2 foot to get underneath the frost line and to prevent frosty from pushing the fence posts up. You see this a lot when you’re looking at a straight line of fence and the top is straight, it looks more like a go-kart track. Do yourself a favor, set your post at least 24 inches or more depending on where in the country you live.

Not contouring pre-built fences to your yard

Another mistake I see made a lot is using pre-built fence panels that can be found at a lot of home

stores. Unfortunately when you do that you’re not able to contour this fence to the ground. Not a great look and it certainly doesn’t look custom built to the yard. Do yourself a favor, make sure the fence is built on site so they can follow whatever train your yard has.

Not using steel hardware for gates

You know, gates are one of the most important components of a fence there. How you get in and out of your yard. They’re also the number one reason for call backs in the United States, that’s because the posts are gonna lean. The gate frame simply is just not going to stay in square, so do yourself a favor, make sure you use steel posts, steel hardware and steel frames. Don’t make the mistake of using a wood post or wood frame and your gate will swing true and correct for the life of your fence.

Not building a proper transition

I see contractors make this mistake all the time – not building a proper transition when they’re going from a 4 foot fence up to a 6 foot tall fence. It really doesn’t take that much extra time and effort to make the fence look that much more custom to the yard. With this, the contractor did was they built a transition from six foot tall down to four foot tall over an 8 foot wide section, it’s a nice gentle slope. It really makes this fence look custom to the yard as opposed to a cookie cutter fence just picked up from a local hardware store. That’s what I see a lot of times, unfortunately the six-foot tall fence will end and the four-foot tall fence will begin without a transition here at all. It really just doesn’t make that fence look like it was built for the yard.

Not staining and sealing your fence

This is a mistake I see made all the time and it’s not staining and sealing your fence. You’ve invested a lot of money there’s a lot of cost that goes into building a fence, why not make it look great for years to come by properly staining and sealing the fence. You’ll add years of life to that fence and years of enjoyment to your yard and it’s really easy, it’s really quick and simple, don’t make this mistake. For your fence staining services, you have The Plethora Project for that so don’t forget to call and consult us, whether it’s staining, sealing or building a new fence.

5 Mistakes NOT to Make When Building A Fence

By: Joe Everest

Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpafMPum5bk

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