5 Reasons Why You Need Wood Fence Painting Service in Houston for Your Backyard Right Now

There are two things that could happen to your wooden fence: one, it’s beginning to chip out and mold from the long-term neglect, and two, it’s starting to have this dull contrast to an otherwise vibrant building inside of it. Either way, these are terrible situations to be in considering how important fences are in providing both security and the overall atmosphere of your residential homes and commercial structures. The good thing is that there’s an easy way for you to revive that aging fence and give it the utmost care without laying a finger on it. It’s called wood fence painting in Houston, shouldered by none other than professional painters such as us in Texas Fence!

If you’re still not convinced and you’re thinking this is some kind of hoax, then here’s 5 reasons why you need to call on a fence painting service in Houston to change your mind.

1. Offers a Layer of Protection

Simply covering your fences with paint could be a huge help in preventing outside elements like heavy rainfall and intense sunlight from breaking down and rotting your fences. A good quality paint is always the right solution to ensure that your lumber is sturdy and has its life extended. Even wrought iron fence painting in Houston exists and needs a good ole’ painting in a while.

2. Could Last for Years

After painting your fences, then best believe that it’s done and finished for at least 5 years or more before needing to repaint it again. Until then, you could sit back and relax in the safety of your well-painted fences. Don’t forget to wash and clean the dirt that accumulated on the corners though – nothing good lasts without the proper maintenance.

3. Painting Costs a Lot Less in the Long Run

Compared to methods such as fence staining and sealing, painting does not require multiple coating that adds to the product and labor expenses – it’s generally cheaper and takes less time to apply, which is beneficial when you decide on iron fence painting in Houston. You could also simply paint over expired stains instead of buying more products to seal your fences.

4. Many Options to Choose From

Since painting is a more flexible way of bringing out colors in your fences, you have access to a huge spectrum of colorful hues that could match the colors in any area of your house. You could go for a minimalist, plain-colored fence or risk it all for a rainbow fence. It’s totally up to your discretion on how you want the general ambiance around your house to look like.

5. Brings Out the Creative in You

If given a chance to play with colors, take it. You could choose between following a specific design scheme, or just going all out and sprinkling in a bit of your unique, personal taste. Not only will wood fence painting in Houston be a fun experience for you and your 10-year-old spirit, but it improves the entire look of your house. Maybe this time, you’d actually be the talk of the neighborhood!

If you’re finally looking for a wood fence painting in Houston, then this is where Texas Fence comes in. We’ve been at the fence painting business in Houston, Texas for years now, handling different types of residential and commercial fences from our clients.

So, trust us when we say that we’re ready to provide you with our excellent wood fence painting service right at your doorstep with just a quick call.

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